What to do – Mid December

There were different opinions concerning the direction of the stock Market after the Trump surprise.  As everybody knows we got a Trump rally.

On my blog I found it probable with a rally after the election hope you cashed in.  As you can see the S&P500 is up 7-8%.  The stock I blogged about Advanced Micro Devices up 50% in the period.

What we have to consider now is what to do now mid December.  I believe in seasonality.  Some years we get Christmas and New Year rallies. Our job now is to assess the probability of such rallies this year.

Here you can see the performance of Norwegian energy stocks 2016.  The index up almost 40%.  With the new focus around the OPEC and non-Opec cut deal.  This a sector we got to pay attention to now with a possible rally.

If the oil price starts to pick up there will be a lot of good investment possibilities.

This is Seadrill a Norwegian drilling company.  It started running up to and post our two important OPEC meetings. As you can see it has rallied 75%.  This is a stock I have covered on Twitter after my post Norwegian Performers – oil stocks.  Hope you traded in the stock.

To recap.  Prepare for a possible New Year rally.  Especially focus on the oil price and the possible effect of the production cuts starting January.

Christmas and New Year rallies are important investment settings with possible good returns.

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