US top performers 2019

You who follow me on Social media will probably know what this blog will be all about. My top performers since my February blog The big Market Bounce of 2019. Why have my Stocks performed that well and what is there to learn for Our Next Investments.

I have to start With Our top performer Roku. In February it had just come With blockbuster earnings and I Blogged the Stock. I started tweeting Roku in January at the $30 Level. It caught my attention With a Nice run since the market bottomed out Christmas 2018. I followed the co all the way to become the US No. 10 in 2017. It had proven itself as a market performer.

Here the impressing 2019 chart. You can see it has tripled since my January tweeting. It has become the US No. 14 this year. Why have Our Stock Made such an impressive run?

In February I gave you my take on the Stock. I Pointed out its big potential. The potential for the streaming TV business was in its potential for New subscribers. This potential great as streaming TV’s market share Close to nothing. My opionion streaming TV Stocks to Excel With increased market share.

Now we can celebrate a top 20 Stock 2019. To my understanding there are Close to 4.000 Stocks in the US market. A great performance.

I have had a handful of Stocks as top 10 before so now the excitement is whether Roku becomes a top 10 Stock. Just 10% percent left to go so we Roku analysts must believe in such a market placing.

Hope you all have cashed in on Roku 2019.

Above you can see my May 3. Twitter tweet concerning Semiconductor Stocks. I have written several times about Semiconductors and here you can see how well these performed before the May market slump.

This is the first time I have tweeted an index best in all time frames. Now the Semiconductors corrected a bit but still real 2019 performers.

I am glad if I have influenced you to invest and make good Investments in the top performing Semiconductors.

This blog to celebrate Our 2019 performers!

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