US Top Performers 2018

Some of our stocks have started the year in a real nice fashion.  Prior I have given you my earnings season insights. Is it possible our stocks’ rallies can relate to our earnings season hypotheses?

Here a stock I presented to you on Twitter back in September, Oprah Winfrey’s Weight Watchers.  This one of the best performers the last year. You can see the nice positive trend since the start of Q1.  Last spring I proposed some stocks started to run all from the quarter’s start.  I have related this to speculation around the coming earnings and them to excel.

Your job is somewhat to monitor the market at the quarter’s start and jump in when your watchlist stocks start to run.  Weight Watchers’ stock has followed my proposed earnings season pattern this quarter.  I have perhaps not proven my hypothesis but this is a pattern I have seen for years, and something I believe my readers can benefit from.

Netflix is one of the top performers the last years and member of what we call the FANG.  I have shown you the FANG has followed the earnings season rally pattern on several occations the last year.  Even this time around you could have benefited from going long at the quarter’s start.

Netflix the No. 1 stock among the S&P 500 2018.  It has rallied more than 40%.  In my book the driver behind Netflix’ performance is its subscriber growth.  Prior I have given you my guess of a substantial potential in number of subscribers.  This probably one of the main reasons behind the stock’s performance.

Our winners from 2017 semiconductors also with a rally 2018.  AMD & Nvidia  among the top performing S&P 500.  I have believed in these stocks cause of a probable future escalating demand for semiconductors.  Hope you read my blogs 2017.

I am happy my earnings season hypothesis seem to have worked out all right quarter 1  2018.  One can perhaps say monitoring the market for stocks starting to run can take a lot of resources.  One way to help out on this situation is what I have told you above, work out from your watchlist.  I have been lucky  my FANG has followed my proposed pattern the last year.

Good luck with your trading & investing 2018.

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