Trending Sideways

I need to come with a blog update now one month into 2017.  A lot of investors cashed in while riding the Trump Rally.

As I stated in my blog two weeks ago we now have a sideways market.

The market has not gone anywhere the last one and a half month.  The market looks for new direction.  What to do in such a market?

The market will for sure eventually change direction either with momentum upwards or correction downwards.  My take is to follow the direction we end up with.

As I have stated earlier one has ample time to buy in when a market starts to move.

I am glad the FANG stocks have performed well since my last blog.  Netflix earnings really excelled.  Hope some of you took a position in the FANG.

When a sideways market follow the new direction when it commences.  We have been patient.  We all hope for a new bull.


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