The start of rallies

In my latest blog The start of June I gave you my take on the market one week into June. The market corrected big time in May and we entered June With a Nice Bounce.

The last year of Nasdaq trading

What do we know about markets mid June. Can we use history to predict the market Ahead?

I have written about the start of rallies before. In some of my first blogs I wrote about presidential elections and them to be Investment possibilities. I used historical information about markets after elections and proposed investors to take a market stake if markets started rallying post elections.

What now in June is there something to learn from past market June situations. The big question is if or when the Next rally starts.

The Nasdaq from start of June till end of august 2018

What about using a chart of the market this time of the year one year ago in 2018. As I told you in my last blog The start of June markets sometimes moves towards July in a hesitant way. The chart from last year shows you this Picture. The market hesitant the weeks before quarter 3 and With a rally as soon as we got into July.

I have elaborated around this several times in my earnings season blogs. As soon as the quarter starts we get a Nice rally. Earlier I have given you my take on this rally. The market expecting Nice earnings all from the quarters start.

What I have learned of the earnings season rally in the past is that it has different forms. Sometimes it starts before the quarter starts, sometimes it begins exactly as we enter the quarter and it can even commence a bit out in the quarter.

As I have told you before, as With all rallies, it is the job of the investor to take a stake when one feels confident a rally has started. As With election rallies, earnings season rallies a Nice chance to cash in big time on historical knowledge.

I am not promising a rally this time around, but be all set if you see the quarter 3 rally start.

Knowledge about when rallies start, knowledge to make you a better investor and trader. Sometimes you get rallies big time as we had as we started 2019, sometimes we get smaller rallies.

The big question, do we get an earnings season rally quarter 3 this year. Let history be the judge.

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