The green wave & IPO trading

Since 2010 I have been writing about stocks like Tesla and other cos considered green stocks.  Many have great returns in Tesla from back then.  But what now in 2021, is it too late to invest into the greens.

In 2013 one of the stocks I cover bottomed out at $0.12.  This the hydrogen co Plug Power.  Plug has even outperformed Tesla since that year, trading at $53 this Friday.

The green wave in the market and economy has gone all the way into 2021. What is new now is all the initial public offerings we have had.  EU and others shift to greener policies has created a lot of new green stocks to pop up.  For instance the EU policy to go for greener energy policies, like transforming EU into a hydrogen economy in some time.

On Twitter I released a list of what I called popular green stocks Nov. 8 last year.  I have modified that list here and thrown out REC for Aker Offshore Wind to make the list a list of IPO stocks 2020

What is apparent is the volatility and great returns in the stocks.  This time around I have gone for Norwegian stocks. My points will come out great even with these Norwegian performers.

The stocks listed above have made a lot of investors jump in.  These IPOs have been covered in media and many has been wise and bought in.

My main contribution in this blog must be to tell you this volatility is common for such IPOs.  Especially now when it is in our time with the green shift. It has been your job to monitor new greens getting listed and jump on when the train has left the station.

IPO markets a great chance to get superior returns.  The best stock in the list Everfuel has been helped by the great interest internationally for hydrogen stocks.  In addition it has a very known Norwegian investor as a strategical owner, Mr. Spetalen.  The importance of strategical owners I tried to explain you with Oprah Winfreys stake in Weight watchers.  WW became the best US stock in the 3 years frame.

The ones who talk about the green wave to be a bubble may be right.  But is there a chance these stocks will thrive for quite some time.  The green shift will make a lot of growth for the right co.  My take is a lot of cos will make a great future but some will loose out.

The economies are fueled 80% by fossils (2016)  The shift to greens will still give a great chance for superior returns in these stocks.

To recap. Monitor the new greens and jump in if they start to run.  Why not take benefit of the great volatility in fresh stocks and perhaps you hit one of the future’s big winners.

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