The green economy and top performers

I have followed a lot of green stocks through the years.  The world is becoming greener as economies move towards lower emissions and greener sources of energy.  The EU and others have set optimistic goals to prevent climate change and to make a better world for our children and grand children.

But what has this to do with the stock market.  The answer is a present boom in green stocks which has a great potential to grow as economies turn greener.  Is it too late to invest in these green stocks or are there still great cases to look at.

I would like to present my stocks which I have been tweeting the last year.  These stocks are among the very best stocks in the world.  I have chosen to give you a list of their last year performance with their placing on the one year winners list

All the 5 stocks below are green stocks and they are all among the top 25 stocks in the US the last year.

6. Tesla

Our best performer the last year is Tesla. A stock I have been related to for some years as it was my big case in 2013 when it became the stock of the year.  I have followed the stock closely the last year as it has surged more than 900%.  We who follow Tesla remember when it tanked big time and ended up below $200.  Me and others got lucky when we saw a bounce at the $190 level but did we foresee a 10 doubling in the stock.

Here is the chart of the producer of Electric vehicles.  But what has this to do with the green economy.  Analysts like me believe in a great future of EVs and the industry to grow, hence Tesla still a growth company to pay attention to.  As governments put forwards policies to make the economy greener companies like Tesla will thrive.


Another of our green stocks surging the last year FuelCell.  We bottom picked it June last year and the co has got contracts since the bottom of $0.13 pushing the share price to new medium term highs.  I have laid an emphasis on hydrogen stocks the last years as economies as the EU set policies to use a lot more hydrogen to fuel their economies in the near future.  Here you have a hydrogen stock that has gone all the way to top 10 the last year.

Hydrogen stocks still great cases as the use of hydrogen is just in its very start.  They may get some corrections on the way but as the use of hydrogen moves from below 1% to perhaps 30% to fuel the world’s economies it is likely you will have a nice ride with the stocks upwards.

14.Pacific Ethanol

Pacific Ethanol I first presented to you in 2014 when its competitor Biofuel went all the way to the US No. 2 seat year end.  Biofuel I was lucky to tweet in February that year and was a great follow up to the year I tweeted Tesla all the way to No. 1.  Pacific Ethanol got my attention a couple of months ago as I saw it on the winners lists and I found out the surge’s reasons. 

The co which normally produce fuels for cars and the like had made progress with their strategies to produce alcohol for desinfectation now under the ongoing pandemic.  Not only selling more hand desinfectations but also seeing their bottom line really progress into the positive side.  Some days ago when the co came with earnings they came with guiding I seldom see their bottom line to become 1/3 of its market cap at year’s end.  So another green stock performing this year even if there are one of their other business branches thriving.

Not to make this blog to long I will cover the last two stocks in coming blogs.  This Nio and Plug Power.  These two stocks also blooming in the green market we have now. These two also made a great top 25 placing.

I pinpointed the green stocks in my February tweeting and I am happy to see these five stocks among the world’s very best the last year.  Am I writing this to brag about my market achievments.  The answer to that question is no.  I just want to give you my reasoning around these stocks for you to be wiser in your future picking of stocks. 

Good luck with your green stocks investing.

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