The great Apple Inc.

This time around I will focus on the greatest of the great Apple Inc.  This the company with the largest Market Cap $740B  and a stock most investors has to take into consideration.

Here you can see Apple’s performance since my first Apple blog back in October 2010.  Apple been a great performer since the 90’s when I started following the co.

In 2010 I was impressed by Apple’s products and saw the positive trend and the momentum.  I started my coverage.  The stock soared till mid 2012, and many started questioning the company’s product developments, I was one of those.

The stock tanked. Me and many others got lucky and saw support around the $60 level, then Carl Icahn took a long position, the stock performed again.  If i remember it right this was  around when Apple came with bigger and renewed Iphone models.

The stock soared all the way to the $135 level and then got a correction.  This till it found support at the $90 level, the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett took a long position. Buffett timed it great and has now a hugh return on his investment.  When legends like Buffett invest it may be a wise time to follow and buy in.

Seems like both Icahn and Buffett done a great job with their Apple investments.  Apple still with great products and Warren Buffett still with a position. A stock with a 50% return since last summer. Apple the greatest of the great.

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