The FANG – Amazon & Netflix

I started this blog writing about Amazon & Alphabet. Two of my long term favorites.  This time it is the time to focus on two of the best US stocks the last ten years, Amazon & Netflix.

I will start with Amazon a stock I have liked since the end of the 90’s.  Back then I believed in commerce on the internet and the internet to take considerable market share from traditional ways to make trade.  Since then Amazon has evolved from an internet bookstore to trade all sorts of merchandise.  Often simple ways to analyze and believe in companies as the way above can be enough to make wise investments.  Amazon has been growing for 2o years now and gone from a market cap around $1B to over $420B.  Amazon among the best 10 companies the last 10 years.

The best stock the last ten years is however another of the FANG, Netflix.  It is one of the famous investments of Carl Icahn. Its story resembles the one of Amazon, it has come up with a new way to make business taking market share from old ways.  Netflix competes with traditional media like TV. Nowadays it is becoming more and more common to stream shows earlier distributed by traditional media.  Netflix’ success like Amazon’s built on more modern ways.  As an investor it is one of your main jobs to look for companies doing business in more modern ways and part of progress.  In my book there is plenty room left for streaming and great companies like Netflix.

The FANG started the year in a nice fashion.  Two of them Amazon & Netflix among the best long term investments around.

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