The Election – A Recap

Last weekend I posted “The Presidential Election” where I tried to give you some strategies to play the US Election.  One of my main points was there used to be a hesitant market pre Elections and a rally after.


In the chart above you can see what really happened.  A nervous downward market till last Friday and a little rally from Monday.

Sometimes knowledge about markets make things happen a bit earlier than we could expect.  The rally started Monday and not Post Election.

A week ago I posted what I believed was the best approach in the Election setting.  A wait and see approach.  I posted further a strategy if Trump won and the market tanked it would be wise to buy in the bounce.

The way I see it if you waited till Wednesday – the day after Election – and bought into the bounce you could have made some good trades.

The option of buying into the market before and selling in a rally afterwards seems to have been a wise strategy as well.

What I want to tell you today, with planning and making strategies like I did a week ago you can make good trades and investments. Hope some of you used some of my strategies outlined above to make some nice returns.

What about the way further? The wait and see approach seems still relevant.  If the Market starts running after an election one option could be to buy in and ride the Bull.

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