The best US stocks around

We have already concluded with a sideways market post Trump rally.  Now we must ask are there stocks worth watching in the sideways market.

I must come back to my blog back in November 2016.  I presented the Semiconductor co AMD.  I have covered the stock since the summer 2016.

AMD is gaining ground on both Intel and Nvidia its competitors.  The stock has skyrocketed.  Since my blog CNBC’s Jim Cramer has outlined the stock one of the most likely takeover candidates 2017.

The company has climbed to the top 10 US gainers the last year.

The top US gainer the last year is however Resolute Energy corp.  I got lucky mentioning it the first time back in October.  An oil company really performing with the escalating oil price.

For the traders some of our stocks have really performed individual days February. AMD, Voltari & Ocean Power tech have all been on the Top US gainers list.  All of them great trading stocks.  OPTT as you can remember spiked 100% in 20 minutes back in 2016.

The FANG keeps performing.  Hope some of you long term investors in the great FANG.

An update on our US stocks two weeks into February 2017

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