OPEC & Oil stocks performance 2017

Being a Norwegian blogger not strange with my oil stocks coverage.  The Norwegian stock exchange often referred to an energy stock market.

In my popular “Norwegian performers – oil stocks” I tried to give you some wise ways to play the November 2016 OPEC meeting.  My best advice was to buy in if the oil stocks started to run.  History shows you should have followed my advice, oil stocks rallied almost 15 % in a month.

I followed up with my February “Oil stocks – post OPEC deal”.  Here I tried to caution you oil stock investors.  My take was to wait till the oil price started to rise again before investing.

My experience tells me you can get far in the stock markets with common sense.  Many an investor wondered when to go long oil the spring 2017.

Here you can see the Brent crude since mid June, the oil price started to escalate.  This post the May 25th OPEC meeting.  The results of the meeting started to make an impact on the oil price.

Post the November 2016 OPEC meeting we also had an oil bull.

In this oil stocks illustration you can see the bull started as the oil price rise commenced.  Our plan from February to start buying oil stocks when the oil price started to rise seems like an OK plan.  You can get far with common sense.

Both of these bull markets started with OPEC meetings.  The OPEC meetings seem successful on getting the oil price on track.

My place in this quite low oil price situation has been to try to help you oil investors maneuver through 2017.  Buying in when the oil stocks started to run and waiting till the oil price started to rise late spring wise investment plans.

These plans could be used post future OPEC meetings.  My common sense investment plans learned by empirical experience to be used on a regular basis.

Hope you all have cashed in on oil stocks 2017.

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