Norwegian seafood stocks performing

On this blog I have focused on Norwegian seafood stocks.  They have performed for years.  I will try to tell you why I have believed and still believe in these stocks.

If you study the Norwegian winners list one month you find a lot of salmon stocks. Norway Royal Salmon, Grieg Seafoods and Bakkafrost some of the winners.

Five out of ten stocks on the winners list five years also seafood stocks.  The best Norway Royal salmon performing more than 1200%

Looking at the chart back to 2012 the word impressing comes into mind. The trend nice and positive supported by high salmon prices.

If you look at the seafood stocks’ performance the last year. The ever important factor of timing stocks always important. Looks like the beginning of April a perfect time to invest medium term.

Why have I had a positive bias concerning seafood stocks.  With a growing population world wide and a more constricted supply of seafood in world oceans.  There has been a growing demand for seafood driving the prices.

I am not a biologist but growing demand cause of population growth and perhaps a shift towards more healthy foods like seafood two major factors behind the sector’s performance.

In the Norwegian salmon sector there is an additional factor.  The supply side is constricted by regulations.  This to have a sustainable industry. When you constrict the supply side and demand is growing you get escalating prices.

Some of the best stocks in the long run. Some believe the good days of the salmon industry to last for years.  I was for sure lucky starting to focus on the industry back in the start of 2012.

Salmon stocks some of the best stocks around.

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