• The pandemic – one year down the road
    We are more than a year into the biggest pandemic in 100 years.  What is interesting for us investors is the booming market.  Some would think a crisis like a pandemic would be a disaster for the markets.  On the contrary we have seen one of the strongest rallies I have seen. Here you have … Continue reading “The pandemic – one year down the road”
  • The green wave & IPO trading
    Since 2010 I have been writing about stocks like Tesla and other cos considered green stocks.  Many have great returns in Tesla from back then.  But what now in 2021, is it too late to invest into the greens. In 2013 one of the stocks I cover bottomed out at $0.12.  This the hydrogen co … Continue reading “The green wave & IPO trading”
  • The US Presidential Election revisited
    What a year we have had in the market.  The year started great and then the market tanked as The Corona virus spread in March. The big bounce we have had and a weak September. I have tried to give you frameworks to help you play the market.  On Twitter I have told you Quarter … Continue reading “The US Presidential Election revisited”
  • Mid September – some way down
    September has a rumour to be the worst month of the year.  This year looks to be such a year.  Since September 2. the Nasdaq has tanked 10%, a correction as it looks. The chart shows the market the last month.  It rallied nice up to September.  I somewhat prepared you on Twitter what was … Continue reading “Mid September – some way down”
  • The green economy and top performers
    I have followed a lot of green stocks through the years.  The world is becoming greener as economies move towards lower emissions and greener sources of energy.  The EU and others have set optimistic goals to prevent climate change and to make a better world for our children and grand children. But what has this … Continue reading “The green economy and top performers”
  • Investing under a Pandemic
    I need to come with a blog to give you my take on the current market. The market tanked big time at the first signs of the current pandemic.  Investors panicked and sold out big time as economies closed and GDP forecasts were dramatically reduced In February and March the Nasdaq sold down 30% and … Continue reading “Investing under a Pandemic”
  • What now – February investing
    We have had a 4 month rally following the sideways market movement mid 2019. I have on several occations given you different frameworks to help you investors try to predict the market. In this blog I will discuss these different frameworks and try to help you make sound Investment decisions forwards. In the illustration above … Continue reading “What now – February investing”
  • A classical quarter
    What a quarter we have had. Opportunities to make good trades plentiful. If you have lost Money in this quarter what have you done wrong and how can you improve future investing? How to become a better investor? The quarter has been impressive. A great April, the May slump and the best June in 80 … Continue reading “A classical quarter”
  • The start of rallies
    In my latest blog The start of June I gave you my take on the market one week into June. The market corrected big time in May and we entered June With a Nice Bounce. What do we know about markets mid June. Can we use history to predict the market Ahead? I have written … Continue reading “The start of rallies”
  • The start of June
    You have all now been through a lousy May. We were correct to believe in a Sell in May and stay away situation. This the first time in seven years we have had a Sell in May market. The market corrected 10%. My belief we were in a sell in May situation on my Sell … Continue reading “The start of June”
  • US top performers 2019
    You who follow me on Social media will probably know what this blog will be all about. My top performers since my February blog The big Market Bounce of 2019. Why have my Stocks performed that well and what is there to learn for Our Next Investments. I have to start With Our top performer … Continue reading “US top performers 2019”
  • Sell in May and stay away
    Sell in May and stay away probably a saying you have all heard. The Americans always come up With this Expression as we enter May. Can we relate this to the 2019 Stock market and how can we explain this reoccurence. This the Nasdaq chart 2019. We can all see the big market Bounce from … Continue reading “Sell in May and stay away”
  • The big Market Bounce of 2019
    We have had a great start of 2019. We all lost confidence back in October when we got a deep correction ending just before Christmas 2018. The market is all about structures. Before Christmas last year it was a traditonal situation if we got a Santa Rally or not. The first sign of the big … Continue reading “The big Market Bounce of 2019”
  • When the trend breaks
    I want to teach you some of my long term market insights.  You have probably read books and media publishments on when to sell your stocks as a long term investor. The other day I read you should sit on stocks all of the time and never take profits.  I have to say I like … Continue reading “When the trend breaks”
  • US top performers 2018 part II
    I have to follow up on my blog from January US top performers 2018. I want to teach you how I reason around finding top performers.  Is it the case I am just lucky or is it some elements in my analysis you can learn from. In January I came with Netflix, Weight Watchers , … Continue reading “US top performers 2018 part II”
  • The earnings season perspective to stocks
    On my blog I have tried to communicate my insights into the stockmarket.  I have written about the FANG and semiconductor stocks.  This time around I will elaborate around a topic I have brought up before, the earnings season. In How to do – Profit Seasons I gave you a framework to do good trades … Continue reading “The earnings season perspective to stocks”
  • Netflix & Amazon – market performers
    Little less than a year ago I came with my Netflix & Amazon blog.  I had started the year 2017 recommending the FANG stocks which Netflix & Amazon a part of. In my April FANG blog I presented how I often reason around picking stocks.  I told you I tended to like stocks doing business … Continue reading “Netflix & Amazon – market performers”
  • Investing in March
    We have an interesting market situation.  There was a 10% correction from the market peaked out end of January. We got a real bounce where we  regained most of the ground lost in February. The market drop started as soon as the heavyweights the FAANG had come with earnings.  As we have had a 2 … Continue reading “Investing in March”
  • US Top Performers 2018
    Some of our stocks have started the year in a real nice fashion.  Prior I have given you my earnings season insights. Is it possible our stocks’ rallies can relate to our earnings season hypotheses? Here a stock I presented to you on Twitter back in September, Oprah Winfrey’s Weight Watchers.  This one of the … Continue reading “US Top Performers 2018”
  • The best stocks around – Semiconductors
    In June I posted my first general semiconductors stocks blog.  The Semiconductors had rallied for years. I tried to give you my take on the sector. November 2016 I came with my AMD blog, I told you why I was positive and believed in the company.  It peaked out as the 6th best US stock … Continue reading “The best stocks around – Semiconductors”
  • OPEC & Oil stocks performance 2017
    Being a Norwegian blogger not strange with my oil stocks coverage.  The Norwegian stock exchange often referred to an energy stock market. In my popular “Norwegian performers – oil stocks” I tried to give you some wise ways to play the November 2016 OPEC meeting.  My best advice was to buy in if the oil … Continue reading “OPEC & Oil stocks performance 2017”
  • What now – September investing
    It is time to recap and to try to find new investment opportunities now September.  In my blog “Investing in the middle of June” I tried to reason around why to believe in seasonality. September has a rumor of being the least performing month of the year. Earlier I have outlined the earnings season months … Continue reading “What now – September investing”
  • Norwegian seafood stocks performing
    On this blog I have focused on Norwegian seafood stocks.  They have performed for years.  I will try to tell you why I have believed and still believe in these stocks. If you study the Norwegian winners list one month you find a lot of salmon stocks. Norway Royal Salmon, Grieg Seafoods and Bakkafrost some … Continue reading “Norwegian seafood stocks performing”
  • The Stock Speculator
    In this blog I will try to tell you some of my investment philosophy.  There has been written many books on the subject, what can I contribute on the matter. I will start with a quote from one of the investors I respect the most, Warren Buffett. The quote goes like this: “For 240 years, … Continue reading “The Stock Speculator”
  • The year of the FANG
    I started the year with focus on the FANG. Even my first post on this site was FANG.  How have these performed through the year and why to these keep performing. In my post “The start of the year – January” I stated: “These are stocks worth watching as a long term investment.  Pick your … Continue reading “The year of the FANG”
  • Profit season trading
    In all times man has been interested into finding ways to invest and prosper from wise ways. In the stock market analysts have come up with different ways to analyze.  They use different ways like technical and fundamental analysis. In April I proposed there were patterns in the market to benefit from. Earlier I have … Continue reading “Profit season trading”
  • Visiting countries 2017
    Europe: Albania – Austria – Belarus – Belgium – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Bulgaria – Czech Republic – Cyprus – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Great Britain – Greece – Hungary  – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Malta – Moldova – Montenegro – Netherlands – Norway – Poland – Portugal – Romania – Serbia – Slovak Republic – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland Asia: Afghanistan – Armenia … Continue reading “Visiting countries 2017”
  • Norwegian performers- Shipping stocks
    Earlier I have outlined two of the major sectors of the Oslo Stock Exchange, oil and seafood. Another sector is the Norwegian shipping industry. While the oil stocks lagging behind cause of the oil price hovering around $50, seafood stocks been correcting from all time high levels, shipping stocks have performed 2017. The Oslo Market … Continue reading “Norwegian performers- Shipping stocks”
  • The best of the S&P 500 – Semiconductors
    I have had the privilege of covering some of the best stocks around.  The latest years stocks like Tesla & Amazon have really excelled.  You might wonder why I from time to time find some real winners. The last year I have focused on semiconductors and the company AMD in particular. The semiconductor index SOX … Continue reading “The best of the S&P 500 – Semiconductors”
  • Investing in the middle of June
    Some believe in seasonality and some do not.  Let us say we split the investment community into two halves who is right? As an investor one has to take all factors into consideration. If 50% of the market believe in historical patterns of course this has an important impact on the marketplace. I have outlined … Continue reading “Investing in the middle of June”
  • Tesla Inc.
    Tesla Inc fetched my interest a long time before its 2010 IPO.  I was impressed by its Roadster model which is a full electric sports car.  Media reported a lot of cool folks owning it. From time to time I follow company introductions.  In June 2010 it was time for the Tesla IPO.  Media reported … Continue reading “Tesla Inc.”
  • How to do – Profit Seasons
    I have tried to give you different frameworks to help you play the market.  Our framework of an election I hope you found helpful.  Now I will give my take on profit seasons and ways to do to make good investments. Here you see the post US Election market.  My general suggestion was rallies post … Continue reading “How to do – Profit Seasons”
  • The FANG – Amazon & Netflix
    I started this blog writing about Amazon & Alphabet. Two of my long term favorites.  This time it is the time to focus on two of the best US stocks the last ten years, Amazon & Netflix. I will start with Amazon a stock I have liked since the end of the 90’s.  Back then … Continue reading “The FANG – Amazon & Netflix”
  • The great Apple Inc.
    This time around I will focus on the greatest of the great Apple Inc.  This the company with the largest Market Cap $740B  and a stock most investors has to take into consideration. Here you can see Apple’s performance since my first Apple blog back in October 2010.  Apple been a great performer since the … Continue reading “The great Apple Inc.”
  • Investing in a bull Market
    I stumbled upon a chart on Marketwatch, a chart over the best stocks since the depth of the Financial crisis.  I came up with an idea to try to tell which stocks to focus on in a bull market. On a prior blog of mine, which I started October 2010, I tried to come up … Continue reading “Investing in a bull Market”
  • The stock market – Post Election
    On this blog I have tried to tell you Elections a setting to make good investments.  I covered the US Election on this blog and told you to look at history to make the best investment decisions. I gave you a chart showing a typical market pattern around Elections.  This chart showed you a hesitant … Continue reading “The stock market – Post Election”
  • Oil stocks- post OPEC deal
    It is time to come with an oil stocks update.  Since the OPEC meeting late November 2016 the oil sector been closely watched by the investment community. In my December 4th blogpost I gave you a first take on the OPEC cut deal.  My view was to buy into oil stocks if they started running … Continue reading “Oil stocks- post OPEC deal”
  • The best US stocks around
    We have already concluded with a sideways market post Trump rally.  Now we must ask are there stocks worth watching in the sideways market. I must come back to my blog back in November 2016.  I presented the Semiconductor co AMD.  I have covered the stock since the summer 2016. AMD is gaining ground on … Continue reading “The best US stocks around”
  • Trending Sideways
    I need to come with a blog update now one month into 2017.  A lot of investors cashed in while riding the Trump Rally. As I stated in my blog two weeks ago we now have a sideways market. The market has not gone anywhere the last one and a half month.  The market looks … Continue reading “Trending Sideways”
  • The Start of the Year – January
    We have come to the start of the year 2017 with a lot of new possibilities in the marketplace.  2016 became a good year and we all ask us will 2017 be a new such year. In this illustration you can see the market pre and post the Presidential Election.  We did well to foresee … Continue reading “The Start of the Year – January”
  • Another Superb Year
    Now it is time to recap the year 2016. Another great year for some of our stocks.  Back in 2013 Tesla Motors became the best stock of the year, and in 2014 Biofuel really rocketed with a 800% return.  In 2015 we pinned the best S&P 500 stocks and was the year of  2016 … Continue reading “Another Superb Year”
  • What to do – Mid December
    There were different opinions concerning the direction of the stock Market after the Trump surprise.  As everybody knows we got a Trump rally. On my blog I found it probable with a rally after the election hope you cashed in.  As you can see the S&P500 is up 7-8%.  The stock I blogged about Advanced Micro … Continue reading “What to do – Mid December”
  • Norwegian Performers – Oil stocks
    I have given you the best Norwegian sector Seafood stocks.  These stocks have rallied for years and this year a return of more than 50% This time around I will focus on oil stocks.  While been under the radar cause of a quite low oil price around $50.  The industry has had more of a … Continue reading “Norwegian Performers – Oil stocks”
  • Election Rally
    Now it has gone two weeks since the US Presidential Election. On this blog we have tried to maneuvre through the election finding ways to invest wisely. In a setting like an election one should try to make use of historical knowledge.  I gave you a chart of a typical election with a hesitant market … Continue reading “Election Rally”
  • Norwegian Performers – Seafood stocks
    Due to my response on my blogpost “Salmon Stocks the Best Stocks around” I come with a new seafood industry blogpost. The Norwegian Seafood index is up 500% the last 5 years.  In my last blog I explained the industry’s success by increasing salmon prices.  Demand after salmon has outperformed the constricted supply side. In … Continue reading “Norwegian Performers – Seafood stocks”
  • AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
    One purpose of my site is to tell you about great companies.  This year AMD has been one of the real performers.  The company is a well known producer of Semiconductors for computers. Here is an illustration of the company’s stock performance 2016.  It has rallied almost 200% and is a contender of becoming one … Continue reading “AMD – Advanced Micro Devices”
  • What’s Next – Post Election
    In the wake of the Election I need to come with another blogpost.  Now we have maneuvered through the Election Period in a nice fashion and need to look forward. In the chart above you can see a typical Election Year with a rally post election.  Will we get such a year, like we had … Continue reading “What’s Next – Post Election”
  • The Election – A Recap
    Last weekend I posted “The Presidential Election” where I tried to give you some strategies to play the US Election.  One of my main points was there used to be a hesitant market pre Elections and a rally after. In the chart above you can see what really happened.  A nervous downward market till last … Continue reading “The Election – A Recap”
  • The Presidential Election
    The intention of this blog post is to find ways to play the US Presidential Election.  Last election when Barack Obama won we had a great rally in the markets.  What about this election? It is not hard to see the markets have been a bit cautious running up to the election.  You can even … Continue reading “The Presidential Election”
  • Salmon stocks The best stocks around
    I will use my second blog post telling you about one of the best performing industries around, the Norwegian Salmon Industry.  I have been writing about the industry for years and in the meantime some of the salmon stocks is up tenfold in value.  So, what has been the driver behind the salmon stocks’ returns. … Continue reading “Salmon stocks The best stocks around”
  • Alphabet & Amazon performing
    I will dedicate my first blog post on my new site to Alphabet & Amazon. These stocks have really performed the last years. Amazon in particular has been a favorite of mine over the years. Alphabet is trading at all time high level and Amazon close to it. What I’d like to explain is why … Continue reading “Alphabet & Amazon performing”