Election Rally

Now it has gone two weeks since the US Presidential Election. On this blog we have tried to maneuvre through the election finding ways to invest wisely.

In a setting like an election one should try to make use of historical knowledge.  I gave you a chart of a typical election with a hesitant market pre and a rally after.

My take  have been to jump in the market if it started running.  Jump in and ride the market bull as I put it.  I stated further a higher probability of a rally even with the Trump surprise.

The election month
The election month

As you can see in the chart we have had a nice rally in the S&P 500 since the beginning of the Election Week.  The market is up almost 5 %.

I hope you read my take and bought in when the market started running.  We got a typical Election with a post election rally.

Election month Oslo
Election month Oslo

You can see the same pattern in Oslo, the market up almost 5%.  Have I done something extraordinaire finding it probable with a rally.

Not really,  I have used historical knowledge about elections.  I just told you what was most probable and to jump in the market if it started running.

Hope you have made your 5%.  Now we will have a market waiting for the November OPEC  and the December FED meeting.

Hope you have enjoyed riding the Market Bull.

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