AMD – Advanced Micro Devices

One purpose of my site is to tell you about great companies.  This year AMD has been one of the real performers.  The company is a well known producer of Semiconductors for computers.

amd1711162Here is an illustration of the company’s stock performance 2016.  It has rallied almost 200% and is a contender of becoming one of the best stocks this year.

I started covering AMD this summer when they came with blockbuster earnings.  This was at the $5 level.  AMD was one of the most traded companies on its earnings day and it got my attention.

Trend followers love companies like AMD buy in and follow the trend.

The last two days have been incredible for the stock.  They have come with a deal with Alphabet and its stock has shot through the roof.

I believe in buying into performers like AMD, the trend may continue. Another reason for my coverage since summer  is my belief in buying into companies after good news.  Blockbuster 2nd Quarter earnings is such an occasion.

It will be exciting following AMD as we get closer to the end of 2016.


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