Alphabet & Amazon performing

I will dedicate my first blog post on my new site to Alphabet & Amazon. These stocks have really performed the last years. Amazon in particular has been a favorite of mine over the years. Alphabet is trading at all time high level and Amazon close to it.

What I’d like to explain is why these stocks have been favorites of mine. Amazon has been a spectacular growth case. Started up like more of an online book store it has evolved into a hugh online store of all types of merchandise. Alphabet, which earlier went under the name Google, has had a great revenue potential in its advertisments.

Alphabet And Amazon 4 year performance
Alphabet And Amazon 4 year performance

I give you this 4 year illustration over the companies.  You must remember these are two of the largest companies traded on the US market, top 10 even.

These giants come with earnings within days, Oct 27th, to be more precise.  It will be earnings worth watching.  Amazon with a 49% and Alphabet 25% return the last year.

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