A classical quarter

What a quarter we have had. Opportunities to make good trades plentiful. If you have lost Money in this quarter what have you done wrong and how can you improve future investing? How to become a better investor?

The quarter has been impressive. A great April, the May slump and the best June in 80 years. A volatile and fine market With market trends lasting a full month to make use of.

The market is all about structures. Take quarter 2 this year what to learn? Which classical stuctures did we have in quarter 2 and how to use them in future market settings.

The year started With a New Year’s rally and the January effect. The January effect we can understand as the first phase in the earnings season perspective With the earnings season rally. This structures to take advantage of.

Here you have Our classical quarter. You ask yourself what has been classical about quarter 2 2019?

In April we had a Nice rally, this is what I Call the earnings season rally starting all from the quarter’s start. In May we had the post earnings selloff, With added strength because of the Trump tariff policies. This the well known Sell in May and stay away structure. The great June With a great Bounce after the May selloff. June great possibly cause of stellar earnings April. The June Bounce strong cause of the market volatility created in May.

The Whole quarter a classical earnings season perspective quarter With all Three phases, rally, selloff and Bounce. We can even see the hesitant market before quarter 3, late June, explained in prior blogs.

What can I teach you this time around. When you have distinctive market structues as explained above how to make use of them?

This how to do market structures. When we come to January you as an investor must ask yourself do we have a January effect. When you get to April you must ask yourself do we have an earnings season rally.

As we saw in May With the sell in May structure ask yourself early May is there a Sell in May situation. You must take advantage of these well known market settings.

In quarter 2 2019 a classical quarter and the phases lasting a full month. It has been a great chance to have made blockbuster 10% trades.

Now when quarter 3 starts it is Your job to figure out if the quarter starts With an earnings season rally or not. Learn historical market structures and be sure to make use of them. This to make you an even better investor. Let us all see how quarter 3 starts.

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