Oil stocks- post OPEC deal

It is time to come with an oil stocks update.  Since the OPEC meeting late November 2016 the oil sector been closely watched by the investment community.

In my December 4th blogpost I gave you a first take on the OPEC cut deal.  My view was to buy into oil stocks if they started running post deal.  As you can see from the chart a pretty wise plan.  The Norwegian oil stocks rallied 15% in a month.

Mid January I told you the oil price was stabilizing and there could be new rallies if the price started escalating.  The oil price has been stable since and there has been some taking profits.

In “Norwegian performers – Oil stocks” I outlined a possible oil price scenario.  The OPEC cuts resulting in a higher price would lead to increased production in the US.  This is exactly what international media is reporting these days.  We have a situation with a stable oil price.

We have been waiting for the oil price to pick up. The stable price been somewhat of an oil stock rally hindrance.

This AkerBP the best performing Norwegian OBX the last year.  Even here we can see some resistance created by the present oil price situation.

The OPEC cut deal has so far been great for the traders more than for investors.  We will stick to our original plan and buy in for sure when the oil price starts rising again.  We must be on hold and buy in when a new oil stock rally commences.

The best US stocks around

We have already concluded with a sideways market post Trump rally.  Now we must ask are there stocks worth watching in the sideways market.

I must come back to my blog back in November 2016.  I presented the Semiconductor co AMD.  I have covered the stock since the summer 2016.

AMD is gaining ground on both Intel and Nvidia its competitors.  The stock has skyrocketed.  Since my blog CNBC’s Jim Cramer has outlined the stock one of the most likely takeover candidates 2017.

The company has climbed to the top 10 US gainers the last year.

The top US gainer the last year is however Resolute Energy corp.  I got lucky mentioning it the first time back in October.  An oil company really performing with the escalating oil price.

For the traders some of our stocks have really performed individual days February. AMD, Voltari & Ocean Power tech have all been on the Top US gainers list.  All of them great trading stocks.  OPTT as you can remember spiked 100% in 20 minutes back in 2016.

The FANG keeps performing.  Hope some of you long term investors in the great FANG.

An update on our US stocks two weeks into February 2017

Trending Sideways

I need to come with a blog update now one month into 2017.  A lot of investors cashed in while riding the Trump Rally.

As I stated in my blog two weeks ago we now have a sideways market.

The market has not gone anywhere the last one and a half month.  The market looks for new direction.  What to do in such a market?

The market will for sure eventually change direction either with momentum upwards or correction downwards.  My take is to follow the direction we end up with.

As I have stated earlier one has ample time to buy in when a market starts to move.

I am glad the FANG stocks have performed well since my last blog.  Netflix earnings really excelled.  Hope some of you took a position in the FANG.

When a sideways market follow the new direction when it commences.  We have been patient.  We all hope for a new bull.


The Start of the Year – January

We have come to the start of the year 2017 with a lot of new possibilities in the marketplace.  2016 became a good year and we all ask us will 2017 be a new such year.

In this illustration you can see the market pre and post the Presidential Election.  We did well to foresee this rally.  We can also see a sideways trend since mid December.  Is the Trump rally over?

A month ago we asked us the question if there would be a New Year rally, out of the chart we can see not much so.  Has the momentum gone?

What I see out of the chart is a big Trump rally with a lot of excitement and somewhat of a sell down the last month.

FANG stocks Two weeks into 2017

1. FB         11.9%
2. AMZN   9.1%
3. NFLX     6.6%
4. GOOGL 4.9%

These are the FANG stocks: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet.  They are some of the largest companies in the world.  As you can see they have started 2017 in a nice fashion.  In average an 8 % return.  These are stocks worth watching as a long term investment.  Pick your own personal favorites.

Did you read my Seafood stocks blog posts.  As you can see one of the great industries, the index rallied from 150 to 900 in 5 years.  I give this long term chart to show we still have a nice upwards trend.  The industry has its best period ever with skyrocketing salmon prices.

The Norwegian energy stocks since the OPEC cut deal.  The index up 15% in little more than a month.  This is still an industry worth watching.  Somewhat of a selling pressure in oil in the New Year stabilizing the oil price. But there may be more rallies to come.  If the oil price starts picking up again which there is a pretty good chance of.

Now we have to ask us if the Trump excitement will continue in the New Year.  He has promised substantial economical growth and policies to support such a growth.  Growth good for stocks as we know.

Be sure to follow when the present sideways trend breaks.  The initial Trump rally gave me a positive forward look but let the market be the judge.  Another exciting year in front of us.  Good luck forwards with investments and trading.

Another Superb Year

Now it is time to recap the year 2016. Another great year for some of our stocks.  Back in 2013 Tesla Motors became the best stock of the year, and in 2014 Biofuel really rocketed with a 800% return.  In 2015 we pinned the best S&P 500 stocks and was the year of  2016 became truly a new superb year.

Started the year with focus on Salmon stocks.  The overall market had a lousy start and Salmon Stocks pointed themselves  out as a healthy investment.

The sector ended up having another great year with salmon prices skyrocketing.  Hope you invested the index up more than 50% 2016.  Many an analyst think this rally will extend into 2017.

One of the top performing Salmon stocks Grieg Seafood.  Almost tripled 2016.  The salmon price level done it well.

In January I started tweeting an oil bounce, continued focusing in May when I started paying attention to the overall Oslo Energy Index.  Oil stocks ended up among the 2016 greats.

This the Oslo Energy Index.  Performing well 2016.  Ended up as one of the best indexes Oslo 2016.  With my focus this year on oil stocks hope some of the readers went long.  One of my main purposes is to give excellent cases for my followers.

AkerBP – the best OBX stock 2016 – I brought to your attention around the kr 90 level – what a stock with an almost linear upward trend.

As a curiosity I can mention Noreco the best Norwegian stock this year with 750% got lucky mentioning it half way through 2016 at the +200% level.

The best OBX – Norwegian large companies – 2016:

  • AkerBP            183%
  • Grieg Seafood 169%
  • Salmar              73%

These are all stocks we have followed through the year.  Happy to have pinned these out for you.

When it comes to the American Market it had another fine year.  The S&P 500 rallied almost 10% and our stocks performed well.  Resolute Energy corp which I followed from October ended up as the 2nd best US stock 2016.

This summer I came up with AMD – the Semiconductor co – it ended the year +300 % among the top 20 US stocks 2016.  In October I put focus on Nvidia which finished the year as the best s&P 500 with a 225% return.

For the traders I got to mention my typical trading stocks.  Voltari & Ocean Power Technologies a couple of stocks which ended up on the US top gainers list individual days.  OPTT even rallied 100% in 20 minutes after a tweet of mine.  Hope you made som good trades in these stocks.

Another superb year for some of our stocks.  2016 the year of oil and salmon.  We cannot count out these stocks’ performance may extend their rallies into 2017.  Perhaps the OPEC oil cuts starts working January and we get a nice New Year rally.

What to do – Mid December

There were different opinions concerning the direction of the stock Market after the Trump surprise.  As everybody knows we got a Trump rally.

On my blog I found it probable with a rally after the election hope you cashed in.  As you can see the S&P500 is up 7-8%.  The stock I blogged about Advanced Micro Devices up 50% in the period.

What we have to consider now is what to do now mid December.  I believe in seasonality.  Some years we get Christmas and New Year rallies. Our job now is to assess the probability of such rallies this year.

Here you can see the performance of Norwegian energy stocks 2016.  The index up almost 40%.  With the new focus around the OPEC and non-Opec cut deal.  This a sector we got to pay attention to now with a possible rally.

If the oil price starts to pick up there will be a lot of good investment possibilities.

This is Seadrill a Norwegian drilling company.  It started running up to and post our two important OPEC meetings. As you can see it has rallied 75%.  This is a stock I have covered on Twitter after my post Norwegian Performers – oil stocks.  Hope you traded in the stock.

To recap.  Prepare for a possible New Year rally.  Especially focus on the oil price and the possible effect of the production cuts starting January.

Christmas and New Year rallies are important investment settings with possible good returns.

Norwegian Performers – Oil stocks

I have given you the best Norwegian sector Seafood stocks.  These stocks have rallied for years and this year a return of more than 50%

This time around I will focus on oil stocks.  While been under the radar cause of a quite low oil price around $50.  The industry has had more of a rally since the oil price bottomed out below $30 in January.

You all have now heard of the new OPEC oil deal of last week.  This has given new attention to the sector.  Oil stocks rallied up to and post deal.

The Oslo Energy Index
The Oslo Energy Index

As you can see the Norwegian oil sector has performed since January.  The index up almost 30% this year.  I started paying attention to this index in May, the index was up 10% under the radar for most investors.

The OPEC deal to cut production, the first cut deal since 2008 may be a big gamechanger for the industry.  They cut now and will have a new meeting in half a year.

Even the non member Russia has agreed on cutting 300.000 barrels a day.

Now attention is given to the American oil industry and the oil production to pick up due to higher oil price.  Some feel this will somewhat stop the price from escalating.

My take is higher oil prices is good for all stocks within the industry.  My advice will be to focus on sectors in the industry starting to rally more than others.

When it comes to the US oil production and prices. My opinion must be cut in OPEC oil production is good for business, if the cut is sufficient, oil prices will rise.  If OPEC’s strategy is to increase prices we may get even more cuts to outweigh US production increases.


Here I give you the Norwegian performing Oil company AkerBP.  The best OBX -Norwegian largest companies- this year.  It has even outperformed the large salmon stocks.

If the oil price starts to escalate be sure to be invested.  My advice will be similar to when I told you to buy in if the market started rallying around the US Presidential election.  Be sure to jump in if the oil stocks starts running.

Election Rally

Now it has gone two weeks since the US Presidential Election. On this blog we have tried to maneuvre through the election finding ways to invest wisely.

In a setting like an election one should try to make use of historical knowledge.  I gave you a chart of a typical election with a hesitant market pre and a rally after.

My take  have been to jump in the market if it started running.  Jump in and ride the market bull as I put it.  I stated further a higher probability of a rally even with the Trump surprise.

The election month
The election month

As you can see in the chart we have had a nice rally in the S&P 500 since the beginning of the Election Week.  The market is up almost 5 %.

I hope you read my take and bought in when the market started running.  We got a typical Election with a post election rally.

Election month Oslo
Election month Oslo

You can see the same pattern in Oslo, the market up almost 5%.  Have I done something extraordinaire finding it probable with a rally.

Not really,  I have used historical knowledge about elections.  I just told you what was most probable and to jump in the market if it started running.

Hope you have made your 5%.  Now we will have a market waiting for the November OPEC  and the December FED meeting.

Hope you have enjoyed riding the Market Bull.

Norwegian Performers – Seafood stocks

Due to my response on my blogpost “Salmon Stocks the Best Stocks around” I come with a new seafood industry blogpost.

Oslo Seafood index the last year
Oslo Seafood index the last year

The Norwegian Seafood index is up 500% the last 5 years.  In my last blog I explained the industry’s success by increasing salmon prices.  Demand after salmon has outperformed the constricted supply side.

In the chart you can see the industry the last year.  As you can see the Seafood index still with a nice positive trend.

What about my take on the performance forwards.  It is recognised within the industry Salmon prices move upwards in the pre Christmas Market.  Looks like the market has this belief this year as well, ref the chart above.

Norway Royal Salmon the last month
Norway Royal Salmon the last month

In the illustration above you have the best performing seafood stock the last years.  Norway Royal Salmon has an increcible return of 3000% in 5 years.

This chart is the last month.  As you can see NRS is up 20% and still performing.  This is a stock you could have picked up since my last blogpost and made a good return.

I may perhaps brag about the Seafood rally coincide with me start covering the industry in the beginning of 2012.  But I was not alone.  Many an analyst were positive.

I started the year tweeting about my favorite industry for years and I am still tweeting, and there is a good reason for it.

AMD – Advanced Micro Devices

One purpose of my site is to tell you about great companies.  This year AMD has been one of the real performers.  The company is a well known producer of Semiconductors for computers.

amd1711162Here is an illustration of the company’s stock performance 2016.  It has rallied almost 200% and is a contender of becoming one of the best stocks this year.

I started covering AMD this summer when they came with blockbuster earnings.  This was at the $5 level.  AMD was one of the most traded companies on its earnings day and it got my attention.

Trend followers love companies like AMD buy in and follow the trend.

The last two days have been incredible for the stock.  They have come with a deal with Alphabet and its stock has shot through the roof.

I believe in buying into performers like AMD, the trend may continue. Another reason for my coverage since summer  is my belief in buying into companies after good news.  Blockbuster 2nd Quarter earnings is such an occasion.

It will be exciting following AMD as we get closer to the end of 2016.